Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Coveted Triple Chocolate Cookie Recipe

As a child I learned if I had one really nice piano song memorized, I could sit down and play that song at different things and people thought I was a little accomplished musician.  Truth be told, I really didn’t play the piano well but it looked like I did.  As an adult with cooking I have learned if you have something that is delicious, use it frequently and people start thinking it is your signature item.  For example there is a lady in my parent’s neighborhood; her brownies are to die for!!!  She makes them for Christmas, for birthdays, for "just thinking about you moments", etc.  Even though she repeats the same thing over and over, no one cares because they are that amazing.  At our house whenever she drops off a plate, as soon as the front door closes there is a stamped to the brownie plate, and if you aren’t home you probably won’t get one!

So when I came across my special recipe, I made it frequently and it has started to become my little signature.  My in-laws just had an event and I made a batch of these cookies and when my sister-in-law saw them she said, “Yes, she made her cookies!”     

Now when you come across such a gem of a recipe it makes sense that you keep the recipe under lock and key so no one can steal your thunder, right?  I figure it’s not my original creation and they are that amazing everyone should sample them so why not share.  (Where I found this gem)  My sister and I several years ago went to college together, we were roommates.  One day we came home and there was a plate of strange chocolate looking cookies.  We took them in and after a few minutes we each tried a cookie.  Our eyes lit up and we both said, “Where did these come from we need a recipe.”  We started running all over the dorm searching high and low to see who had made these cookies.  Finally we found the girl in her apartment on the first floor.  We basically cornered her and demanded the recipe right then and there because they were that amazing!!!  So I understand when people ask for this recipe, I did too.  This is by far the number one recipe I am asked for, so I just thought instead of continuing to write it down for people, I would just add it to the recipe index on my blog.  

If you like chocolate (my husband doesn’t like chocolate but he loves these cookies, go figure) and you like the thin mint Girl Scout cookies---get ready because these will knock your socks off!

Triple Chocolate Cookies
  2 boxes of Devil's Food Cake Mix.  
Brand is not important but is HAS to be Devil's Food cake mix.
2 sticks of butter
2 eggs
1 11.5 oz bag of semi sweet chocolate chips
2 boxes of Andes Mints
Take the 2 sticks of butter and they need to be totally melted! 
 See this, this is not good enough.
It needs to look like...
Totally melted!
Dump the 2 packs of cake mix, 2 melted sticks of butter and 2 eggs into a large bowl and begin to mix it all together.  This makes a really thick dough, my mixer cannot handle it so I just knead it.  
Yum, yum!

I like to line my cookie sheets with tin foil.  To make all the dough into cookies, on average I do 4 rounds.  I do not own 4 cookie sheets, so by lining the pan I can pull off the baked cookies, line it and make more.
Now is a good time to pre-heat your oven to 350°.   
The cookies will bake for 10 minutes.  

Remember those chocolate chips?  Add as many as you want to the batter.  I usually add about 3/4ths of the bag, but do whatever you want.  Mix it all in and start rolling your dough.  You could probably put 4 in a row, but I like to do rows of 3.
While those are in the oven you need to unwrap the Andes Mints in a bowl so they are ready to go!
 Then when the cookies come out you top each cookie with a mint.
As they melt they slip and slide all over the place.
Use a knife and frost the melted chocolate over the cookie.
This is why I line my cookie sheets with foil,
they can be messy!

Repeat, repeat, and repeat some more until you have used all of your dough!

Yes, triple chocolate cookies.  
1 chocolate- devil's food cake mix
2 chocolate- chocolate chips
3 chocolate- Andes Mints