Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taco Ring

Ingredients needed:
Shredded cheese
Crescent rolls
Toppings: lettuce, tomatoes, olives, sour cream, salsa, ranch, etc.

Step #1: Brown your hamburger!
My siblings and I only like our hamburger browned with chopped onions.  My husband on the other hand loves taco seasoning.  It doesn’t matter how you brown your meat or what you add to it, just make sure it is safe and cooked well.

Drain and rinse meat, set it to the side.
Step #2: The Crescent Rolls!
If you have never cooked with crescent rolls, they are awesome!  It doesn’t matter which brand you buy, I personally just buy whatever is the cheapest. 
When you open the can there is a roll of dough, rip apart the individual triangles. 
Now you need to arrange the triangles.  You can use a rectangle cookie sheet or a pizza pan to make a circle.  Whatever you have will be fine.  I have even made this in a deep glass pyrex dish---any dish that can go in the oven will be fine.
First thing, put the fat bottom part of the triangle on the pan and hang the point off the edge.  When you lay down the triangles, slightly overlap them.  (Or if you have an impossible corner to turn on your dish overlap them a lot, don’t worry there is no wrong way to do this!)   
Next, add the browned hamburger and shredded cheese. 
Then take the points and fold them over.  You can tuck the points under as you press them down.  It will look like you are making a wreath.  Or if you are making this for only 2 people, you can make a small straight row, or make them totally individually. 
It doesn't matter, in the end it all tastes the same! 
At some point in time you should start pre-heating your oven to 375°. 
I always forget what temperate and several times I have only done 325°.  The tops turn nice and golden brown but the bottoms are still doughy. 
Finish and place your dish in the oven.  It should cook between 10-15 minutes, and of course it all depends on your oven.  One side of my oven seems to cook hotter than the other side, so I always have to make sure I rotate my dishes to try to get something that is cooked evenly. 
While it is cooking, cut lettuce, tomatoes, olives and anything else you want to put on it. 
Step 3: Decorate and serve!
When it is done decorate it anyway you want.  Notice only one side has tomatoes, I don’t understand tomato haters---I love tomatoes.  For company sometimes I will dust off my cake decorator and load it with sour cream to make cream puffs around the edges. 
Whatever you want, enjoy!