Sunday, May 13, 2012

Greek Pasta Salad

Yum, YUM, yum!!!

Once upon a time I was at a church potluck thing and I was munching away at the different things I had put on my plate.  When I came to this salad, I am not kidding, I stood up and said, "Ok, who brought this?  I need the recipe!!!"
  Yes, it is that good I stood up and requested the recipe in the moment.   

My husband wants me to add that this is one of his favorite pasta salads! 

Ok here are the details:
(It is so simple are you ready?!?)

First important detail: 
this salad is a 2 day salad so plan accordingly!

Day one:

1 pound of pasta cooked and drained

2 packages of envelope pesto sauce-mix with water and oil according to package instructions

I let this sit in the fridge until cooled then I add my cheese.  It makes sense if you add the cheese while it is hot the cheese with just melt and that is not what you want

¾ cup Feta Cheese

Combine these ingredients and put in refrigerator overnight. 

Next day add:

1 cup Ranch dressing with ¼ cup milk-combine these two ingredients in small bowl and whip, then pour mixture over pasta noodles and stir with a wooden spoon (or a spoon that isn’t going to mutilate your beautiful pasta noodles)

The recipe calls for a package of baby spinach-I just bought fresh spinach and chopped up as much as I thought looked good

4 tomatoes diced-I strongly recommend Roma Tomatoes-again I just eye ball it

That’s it!  
 So simple and a total crowd pleaser!!!