Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slinky Scarf!

I love my scarf so much!  It was really simple and didn’t take me too long.  I saw the idea on Make It and Love It…you can see the original idea here.

My scarf is made from a knit material.  The magic part that makes it slinky is elastic thread on the bobbin.  Here is what it looks like from the back side.   
I had never sewn with elastic thread before.  To learn how I read word for word the tutorial from Make It and Love It.  Click here. 

When I went to buy the elastic thread I wasn't sure what it looked like.  I took a picture so you can see how the elastic thread comes.  It makes sense but just in case you were wondering you look for it in the elastic aisle.  The biggest thing with elastic thread is you have to hand wind it on the bobbin. 
The other day when I dressed like the cat in the hat for Dr. Seuss day, I had no idea what I was going to use for my tail.  I used my slinky scarf, can you tell?
I put little black elastic bands all the way down it to keep the two pieces together to look like a tail.

Ashley from Make It and Love it put a broach with her scarf when she photographed it.  I loved the idea so much, I was sad I didn’t have a beautiful broach.  So I went out into the world and this is what I found. 
Not too bad hu!  I found it at Target for $7.00 and was totally thrilled with my purchase.  The only thing I wish is that it had a pin on the back instead of an alligator clip.  It is really suppose to go in your hair, but I love putting it with my scarf!