Monday, February 20, 2012

Shaving Cream Food Coloring Tie-Dying Easter Egg Project!

My good friend and I were talking the other day and she said her niece and nephew along with her sister were going to be in town for a couple weeks.  We were talking about different activities to do with kids and I told her about shaving cream eggs.  She said she needed pictures.  I posted this last year, they are so great.  This Wednesday, Feb 22 is Ash Wednesday so Easter is on Sunday, April 8th this year.  You have plenty of time to make some shaving cream eggs!    
 Step #1
-I have a trash bag covering the area I am working on
-Shaving Cream (bought mine for a buck at the dollar store)
-Food Coloring-liquid kind that squeezes out in droplets
-paper plates
-popsicle sticks
-plastic glove 
I have done this in a classroom setting and at home.  At home I recommend doing it on the kitchen floor or outside.  In the classroom and at home, each child needs their own paper plate.  At home you can use the paper plates or you can make a bigger one and use a cookie sheet if you would like. 

Step #2
Put shaving cream on the plate and drop a color of each (red, yellow, blue, green) on top of the shaving cream.  Before you put the color on, the kids need to take a popsicle stick and smooth out the shaving cream, like decorating a cake.  (I forgot this step so mine looks more like a mountain, but it is SO MUCH BETTER and easier if you spread it out and make it even BEFORE you put the color on.) 

I forgot to mention, draw the outline on an egg.  Just eyeball it, not a big deal. 

 Step #3
DO NOT MIX OR STIR the color.  If you do, you will get a grey soupy color.  You take the popsicle stick and SLICE.  You make tic-tac-toe signs, this way and that way.  Then some diagonally until you like what you see.  Slicing in tic-tac-toe signs pulls the color and gives it a marble type look.  

Basically you are making a stamp pad for your egg.  
Step #4
Take your egg and put it in the colorful shaving cream.  Your egg will pull the color up. 

 Step #5
Take the popsicle stick and scrap off the excess shaving cream. 
This is what your egg will look like.  Notice I have paper towels in the background.  Ya, those are good to have around, I had shaving cream all over my hands.  
Just stamping an egg once will pull your color and design up smearing your color and making it soupy, that is why each kid needs their own. (my paper was larger than the plate so I had to push it down a few times, if you use something larger like a cookie sheet you should only have to do it once)  I am sure you hate to waste stuff too so I wanted to show you how you can re-use the cream.  After my first egg, I mixed all of my cream together making it soupy.  In the pic it looks grey but it was more like a pistachio color.  Then I added more dots---this time only blue and red---you can do so many combinations, the possibilities are endless with this! 
   Then apply the same technique, SLICE!
 This time after I stamped my paper I cut out letters instead of eggs.  

I did not wear the plastic gloves and now I have fun multicolored hands.  Happy shaving cream food coloring tie-dyeing!